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At the Center there is an ongoing permaculture project that involves all land and buildings.

The general objectives of the project is to create a reality close to feed and energetic self-sufficiency, with a small community of people and a strong synergistic relationship with the territory of Sagana.

The project consists of :

- The eco-house

- The soil

Permaculture can be defined as a system for designing sustainable human settlements .

Permaculture has three ethical principles:

Care of the Earth
It means attention to all living beings and non living forms: plants, soil, animals , rivers, forests, etc.. This focus involves the practice of non- harmful activities and restoring the altered environmental balance .

Personal Care
It means respect and satisfy people's basic needs : food, housing, education, fulfilling work and social relationships. The attention is pointed on humans, although they are a small part of living systems, because they have a strong impact on the planet. If we can provide our basic needs we will not need to practice actions that cause harm to other living beings and the entire planet.

Sharing of resources
Means to provide time, money and energy surplus in favor of caring for the land and people. After we took care of our basic needs and have designed our systems to best, in this way we can help others to reach those same goals.