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Thar Dö Ling association of social promoting born in june 2012 even if people that founded the project work in the place since 2005.

The guiding principles

The Centre is founded on the universal principles of ethics, interdependence, love and compassion.

With the belief that:
1. there is no separation between the person and all other living beings, between man and the planet Earth
2. All these elements are connected by a network of more or less obvious interrelations
3. all the big global problems are also caused by lack of awareness of this interdependence and by degeneration of universal principles mentioned above

the Centre should contribute to helping people live happier, to grow internally by developing their potential, to develop eco-friendly lifestyles in harmony with the planet.

Analysis of the reality

Our "Western" culture has always brought attention only to the man, putting him in the middle of everything without consideration of non-human world (animals, plants, rocks, etc..).
According to this culture the man is fundamentally different from the rest, which assumes a value as a function of man.

On this basis, the man has lived and developed according to a model of "development" focused solely on the growth of material goods, which was incompatible with the workings of what until now has been the support of the same development model: the Planet.
This way of life prolonged in time brought the man, especially the younger generation, to a paradox: to lose awareness of where we live, the planet.
A planet that, however great and stable it may seem, has physical limits.

All this has led today to a serious crisis that is affecting the entire humanity and the planet.

The need of change

Economic crisis and environmental crisis, oil depletion, climate change, natural resource exploitation and pollution.
Fundamental balances that govern life on Earth are now seriously compromised and no one knows for sure how much longer we can maintain our way of life.
One thing is certain: sooner or later the planet will not have enough resources to maintain our current way of life, and if humanity will be caught by surprise will be very difficult, almost impossible, to deal with a so great and sudden change of conditions.

Only a gradual change can allow everyone to readjust their way of life to the new conditions.
Not knowing when these new conditions may occur, the time to begin the change is now, perhaps we are already late!

The TDL Center is also a response to this crisis, a place where you want to implement this change necessary, in small steps.

The action

Il Centro Thar dö Ling è in transizione verso un modello di vita più semplice e a più bassa energia. Al Centro si stanno attuando le buone pratiche per un vivere sostenibile applicando l'approccio della permacultura.

The Thar Dö Ling Center is in transition towards a simpler and lower energy lifestyle. At the Centre we are implementing best practices for sustainable living using the approach of permaculture.