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General description

The idea of Thar dö Ling Center was born in 2005 by the desire to create a place where you can find something special: a deep harmony with ourself and with nature.

The place where this idea developing is Sagana, municipal area of Montelepre (Palermo), in a beautiful valley in the basin of the river Nocella.

The Thar dö Ling Center is located in a rural area about 550 m above sea level, near the bottom of a ridge bounded by two rivers. The area is characterized by high humidity, frequent and intense rains during the winter and very hot in summer.

The thick stone walls, olive trees, fruit trees and grasslands ampelodesma plant better known as "disa" (in sicilian dialect), are the main elements of an agricultural environment now abandoned, while oaks, elms and poplars are the sign of a nature still flourishing.

 Near rivers, tall trees protect and give food for many creatures, and below them is pleasant to sit to hear and see the rushing water, breathe the fresh air, and shelter from the hot in summer time.

The two houses are being restructured according to the principles of green building.

The larger building has a total area of 200 m2 and includes common areas: dining room, the room for activities, and a great local destination yet to be determined. The other building, area of 100 m2, contains bedrooms.

The portion of land is about one hectare, of which the majority is on the side. In the flat part around buildings will be born the orchard and vegetable garden. Around these extends the olive grove that has about 100 trees.

In the land farthest from the house is a grove of pines planted about fifty years ago which provide biomass fuel for heating system.

Once completed, the Centre has rooms to accommodate 12 people and outdoor space for tents.

The activities

The Centre hosts throughout the year on different activities. Here are some examples of activities that can be made:

- Visits - a day in the Thar Dö Ling
- Educational activities for schools
- Laboratory activities
- Courses and workshops
- Seminars and Conferences
- Camps of volunteering
- Educational sites
- Camps for children and families
- Retreat of meditation and spiritual practice

At certain times of the year will be possible to share the life of the residents or to stay in the center for individual retreat, long or short.

The life style

The Centre aims to create a model of eco-friendly life, based on a simple lifestyle, away from excessive consumption. Here are some aspects of this lifestyle that are already being applied:

Vegetarian food, when possible, locally sourced and organic;

Minimal production of waste materials: the disposable items are not used. We drink the good water supplied from the aqueduct, so we don't need buy bottled water. Also we do not use other kinds of drinks, for avoiding waste of plastic bottles, glass and tetrapack. Organic waste are composted in a dedicated space. The waste produced are made almost exclusively from packaging (bags of pasta, etc..) in an amount of about one bag per month, with two residents.

Ecological detergents: for cleaning we use mainly biodegradable products purchased "on tap".

The center is open to...

...all; in particular:

- To all those who want to improve the world and themselves through their daily actions

- To persons interested in the application of permaculture and sustainable practices

- Who is searching for inner harmony

- To those who love nature and want to make special experiences in the natural environment

- Who want to spend time in a serene and welcoming environment